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Smart Workout - Bullet Training at home

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How can you break your routine during these days at home?
It’s very simple: devote yourself to activities that allow you to have fun and make use of your spare time, such as intense training!

This activity allows you to clear your mind, get rid of built-up stress and above all to stay in shape even when you can no longer go to the gym or park to exercise.

Today I’m going to show you bullet training!
Why is it called that? It is called ‘bullet training’ because it consists of a short, but very intense workout!
This type of training involves performing a series of exercises with a high number of repetitions (we will perform 50 per exercise) in a short time.
This means that the exercises are more intense, which burns more calories.

It’s definitely an excellent, fast, effective workout to tone and firm your whole body, depending on the selected exercises, as well as to give you a major emotional boost.
However, please remember that the warm-up stage is very important to activate your body’s muscles and to prepare them for high-intensity physical activity, avoiding small, but bothersome injuries.

If necessary, in addition to the warm-up suggested in the workout, you can do light Fluid training so you are prepared and ready for an intense workout.

Now it’s time to put it into practice. As mentioned, bullet training doesn’t take very long: it will only take 8 minutes to complete the exercise cycle that I have prepared!
And if you want to get the maximum effect from this workout, I suggest doing it with a punchy, energetic playlist that will certainly help you to make the most of it!

Follow the exercises in the video and enjoy your workout!

See you next time,
BeFit, BeTonic, BeGood!


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