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Sportswear and fashion outfits that help you stay in shape..
All made of Dermofibra Cosmetics, BeGood sport and fashion activewear help you shape your figure because their patented fabric contains vitamin A, vitamin E, aloe vera, caffeine and a special combination of minerals that are released into the body.

The synthesis of these active ingredients moisturises the skin, tones tissues and visibly reduces orange peel skin when you constantly wear tops, tank tops and leggings. Furthermore, the structure of each garment helps support muscle groups and facilitates movement, while their design makes them perfect for fitness, running, yoga or leisure.

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The “Bellessere” idea accompanies you throughout the day.

The philosophy behind BeGood’s Sport & Fashion outfits is that of “Bellessere”, a combination of well-being, comfort and beauty. Dermofibra Cosmetics fabric not only offers a constant cosmetic treatment, but also a unique design, developed to provide maximum comfort during exercise without sacrificing style.

From the choice of combinations in classic colours, such as grey and black, to more modern sport outfits, with spotted or camouflage leggings, to restrained and elegant fashion outfits that you can also use in the office or on an afternoon devoted to shopping, all BeGood products are designed to be worn throughout the day and to shape your figure from morning to night.

Don’t miss out on the “Bellessere” and Performance that only BeGood Dermofibra Cosmetics can guarantee. Buy a sport outfit or a fashion outfit now and take advantage of our offers on outfits for fitness, yoga, running or leisure.