BeGood® with Responsability

A hymn to sustainability: BeGood® products derive from commitment and responsibility and weave the future with ethical and technological yarns, leaving a gentle footprint on the world.

BeGood® products embody the excellence in sustainability as they are the result of sustainable materials and cutting-edge technologies, which are employed in at least one of our production processes.

Our priority is to guarantee that every item bearing the BeGood® brand is a symbol of sustainability in every stage of its lifecycle. We stand out because of our incessant commitment to reduce our products environmental and social impact, by collaborating actively with our suppliers to create a product chain which is characterized by environmental respect in every aspect.

Ultimately, we want to offer our clients safe and high-quality products, which are created in good social and environmental conditions, thanks to the constant commitment of a team voted to professional growth and by keeping always at the centre of our mission corporate social responsibility.

photovoltaic park

BeGood® with the

Protecting the environment and improving the efficiency of resources use is fundamental for our company, our clients and partners.

sostenibilità ambientale


In our headquarters and distribution centres, we are building a corporate culture, which promotes care and attention for these topics. When we look at the future, we are working to implement photovoltaic panels to support our operations. Every product is created with the use of renewable energy in at least one stage of the production process, by strengthening in this way our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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We implement processes and technologies which aim to minimize the use of chemical and harmful substances. In our offices, we actively promote the choice of cardless payment systems, by proving in this way our constant commitment to more sustainable corporate practices.

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BeGood® with People

People at the centre, success shared. In an inclusive environment, we celebrate diversity and we promote equal opportunities. Here talent does not have gender, just opportunities.

In a world which is more and more focused on economic growth and financial performance, there is a value which often risks becoming invisible: people value. We firmly believe that our success does not just depend on our products and services quality, but above all that it depends on people who are working with us.

People are at the centre of everything we do. Every employee, with his own competences, experiences and unique points of view, contributes to the richness of our working environment.
We support an inclusive environment, where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their role or background.

Furthermore, we are committed to promoting gender equality in every aspect of our operations.

We recognise women value in the world of work, as 80% of our employees are women and we are committed to creating an environment, where women can grow and reach their full potential.

From hiring to promotion, we are incessantly working to guarantee equal opportunities to all our employees, regardless of their gender.

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BeGood® chooses Sustainability:

From waste to resources: our eco-friendly yarns weave a sustainable future. Made in Italy for a green global footprint.

Our yarns are a result of a real commitment to the environment: we transform plastic bottles in textile high-quality materials. This does not just reduce environmental impact, but it also represents our commitment to sustainability.

The local Made in Italy local production does not just ensure higher quality, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the reduction of transport distances.


global recycled standard

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a certificate for textile products, which are created with recycled materials and sustainable production processes. This standard ensures that products respect environmental and social criteria during all stages of production.

GRS helps to reduce resource usage and improve the quality of recycled products. In order to obtain the GRS certificate, products need to contain at least 20% of recycled materials and to respect various criteria, such as traceability of the production process, restrictions on the use of chemical substances and compliance with environmental and social criteria.


OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification

STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® is an independent control and certification system for the global textile industry, from raw materials, to semi-finished products to final products, in every processing stage, with the objective to have products which do not contain potentially harmful substances.

Furthermore, any non-textile components in the manufacturing process are examined.
For many companies the respect of OEKO-TEX® criteria is an integral part of their commitment.


OEKO TEX STeP certification

STeP by OEKO-TEX®: the environmental certificate for ecological textile factories. The STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certificate supports eco-friendly production sites in the modular analysis of all relevant divisions.

These include chemicals, the environmental and quality management, environmental performance, social responsibility and workplace safety. The certification tool has been specifically created for the individual processing stages of the textile industry.

OEKO-TEX® supports sustainable textile production for the constant improvement of production conditions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
eco-friendly fabrics

BeGood® chooses sustainability:
our collections

Every creation reflects our commitment to responsible and quality style.

Our incessant attention to sustainability permeates the whole lifecycle of our collections, from the stages of research and development, to the launch of new lines.

The synergical collaboration between our style and product offices represents the heartbeat of this process, supported by our passion and determination to the constant research for solutions, which respect the environment and the community.
When it comes to selecting materials, we want to guarantee that every choice is guided not just by aesthetics and quality but also by our commitment to sustainability.

This means also considering other factors, such as image and style we want to convey through our items, the quality of the materials, and costs related to their production and production capacity of our supplies. Every decision that is made during our creating process is a result of a deep and contemplated analysis of these elements.

We are constantly trying to balance present needs with responsibilities towards the future and trying to guarantee that every step we make towards the realisation of our collections can contribute positively to our sustainability mission. In this way, we do not just try to offer high-quality products which meet our customers’ expectations, but we are also committed to do that by respecting the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our Made in Italy production does not just mean quality, but it also represents our commitment to a more sustainable future, where fashion can be a driving force for a positive change for our planet.

BeGood® chooses sustainability:
the packaging

Our commitment to a better future: recyclable bags and eco-friendly packaging.

Our PVC bag is 100% recyclable and reusable. Furthermore, during the realisation of our packaging:

  • Energy from renewable sources is used for the entire production cycle and for the production and offices departments.
  • The lighting systems are equipped with LED lights.
  • Screen printing does not use solvents and is polymerized with LED light.
  • Processing waste is reused when possible or sold to companies which use it for other production cycles (nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled, also paper).
  • The centralized system modulates power usage in the production department and has allowed for an energy saving of over 20% in the last 24 months.

packaging begood

packaging riciclato

Bags created with recycled plastic: a green hug towards the future!

We have chosen to do our part for the environment by choosing bags made of recycled plastic. It is a choice we are proud of because it means contributing, even if with an apparently small gesture, to preserve our planet.

As we want to share this awareness with our clients, we have placed the mark DEL (Digital Environmental Lable) on our bags, which will lead our clients directly to essential information used for recycle and proper disposal.
It is a simple, yet important way to involve them in this journey towards enhanced sustainability.