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Humanwellness has combined Switzerland's most advanced research on cosmetotextiles with Italy’s top manufacturing, design and craftsmanship, in order to create a range of unique and functional shapewear garments and functional athleisure using its innovative Dermofibra®Cosmetics fabric.

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This fabric, unique of its kind and fully patented, contains minerals and microspheres full of healthy ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Caffeine, and Vitamins A & E.

Our aim is simple: to deliver high quality products. Each product requires extensive research and testing before going to market.

circumference reduction and hydration microcirculation and quality fabric

The technology inside BeGood garments.

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BeGood garments made with Dermofibra®Cosmetics are more than just shapewear garments, they are 2-in-1 beauty products:

dermofibra tissue dermofibra functioning

BeGood: The only cosmetic-textile garments line registered on the European Cosmetic Portal (reference CPNP: 2549161)

BeGood products are clinically tested.

All BeGood products have been clinically tested by an independent ISO 9001-certified lab (GLP monitoring authorities and the Italian Ministry of Health, in cooperation with one of the best Italian Universities in the cosmetics sector under the supervision of a team of expert dermatologists, biologists, and chemists): 40 volunteers were asked to wear BeGood leggings for eight hours a day, during a 28-day period.

The test was carried out as a double-blind clinical trial, in order to avoid any possible placebo effects.

Silhouette reshaping DAYS WAIST HIPS THIGHS
MAXIMUM circumference reduction 10 -1,00 cm -1,50 cm -1,00 cm
MAXIMUM circumference reduction 28 -1,50 cm -1,80 cm -1,40 cm

Average circumference reduction of the waist, hips and thighs of respectively -0.35, -0.33, -0.27 after 10 days of use.
Average circumference reduction of the waist, hips and thighs of respectively -0.64, -0.55, -0.47 after 28 days of use.
These reductions are statistically significant, not associated with a significant weight loss.

Improvement of skin's elasticity AFTER 10 DAYS AFTER 28 DAYS
MAXIMUM increase of cutaneous elasticity +2,8% +4,4%
AVERAGE increase of cutaneous elasticity +1% +2%

Visible improvement of your skin's apperance

improvement before improvement after 10 days improvement of the skin after 28 days
Improvement of skin hydratation AFTER 10 DAYS AFTER 28 DAYS
MAXIMUM increase of cutaneous hydration +14,1% +20,3%
AVERAGE increase of cutaneous hydration +4,2% +6,8%

Improvement of cutaneous microcirculation

Initially the thermal images display well-defined margins and cold spots; after just 10 days, we can see a more uniform temperature distribution that indicates an improvement of cutaneous microcirculation.

cellulite reduction cellulite reduction after 10 days cellulite reduction after 28 days

Cellulite reduction termography

skin termography

Results after 28 days

In order to confirm the benefits of the new Begood® products in Dermofibra®Cosmetics®, self-assessment tests were taken by a group of 20 volunteers enrolled to wear the leggings for 8 hours a day for 28 days.

100% Gentle massage sensation

85% Reduction of the orange peel skin

95% Firmer, smoother, more elastic skin

90% Softer, well-hydrated skin

90% Reshaped silhouette

70% Slimming effect

HumanWellness and Dermofibra®Cosmetics, textile science inside every BeGood product.

Dermofibra®Cosmetics is an innovative fabric, combining two yarns:


One made of polyester and minerals (silicon, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, and zinc permanently inserted into the yarn). The minerals, activated by the body heat, reflect the bio-infrared rays into your body, they deeply penetrate into the skin layers facilitating the relaxation of contracted muscles, improving your microcirculation, and the drainage of excess liquids.


One made of polyamide and latest-generation microspheres enriched with caffeine, Aloe Vera, vitamin A and vitamin E. Thousands of micropores on the surface of these microspheres gradually release and spread the active ingredients on your skin: all healthy natural ingredients that are good for your skin; they hydrate and improve your skin elasticity.

Dermofibra®Cosmetics has no competitor in the world: thanks to the newest cosmetotextextile technology, we transform the heat naturally produced by your body into a beneficial effect. The result is a unique brand, BeGood, with a full range of garments for your daily self-care routine. BeGood, your ideal partner in beauty and wellness.

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