Dermofibra® Nutritive Q10,
three different technologies
in a single yarn.

The newest Dermofibra®Nutritive is a yarn that contains inorganic compounds, minerals and micro-capsules with coenzyme Q10 active principles.

From the research carried out by the HumanWellness Swiss laboratories, a new concept in beauty treatments is created.

An innovative yarn that uses the latest technologies in the field of cosmetotextiles, combining the benefits of FIR, of minerals and of the active principles of the coenzyme Q10.


FIR (Far Infrared Ray)

A technology that uses the natural heat of the body, thanks to inorganic compounds (with Zinc, Silicon, Titanium and Magnesium) present in the yarn and biotechnologies. It acts in a continuous and permanent manner while it is being used.



Minerals like calcium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium, or trace elements, are essential components of our body, fundamental for carrying out some of the most important vital functions of cells.


Coenzyme Q10

The Dermofibra® Q10 yarn contains latest generation microspheres containing the Coenzyme Q10, a natural component of the skin essential to maintain and improve elasticity, tone and overall beauty.

beauty booster
tissue focus

A true
beauty booster

The combined action of the three technologies makes it possible to obtain extraordinary results.

Results and Clinical Tests

BeGood garments in Dermofibra®Nutritive Q10 are clinically tested and thanks to the triple technology contained within, the results are visible from the first treatments:

  • the skin is more hydrated and therefore brighter and smooth
  • the skin is more elastic and skin ageing is slowed
  • reduction in hip, waist and thigh circumference
  • reduction in cellulite blemishes
  • increased drainage of excess liquids
  • improvement in the body’s circulation
  • sense of lightness throughout the lower part of the body.
before and after treatment

Test carried out by an independent laboratory in collaboration with the University of Pavia on 50 volunteers who wore the Q10 leggings and 50 volunteers who wore the placebo for 56 days.

Parameter check at 28 days check at 56 days
Softness of the skin + 56% + 84%
Compactness + 48% + 70%
Hydration + 48% + 72%
Self-evaluation of the volunteers
skin that is more hydrated 94%
skin that is more firm 100%
skin that is more elastic 100%
skin that is softer 100%
skin that is soft and smooth 98%

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In&Out Begood Method:
the Beauty Booster

A professional method, developed for the specific market of Beauty Centres, able to amplify the beneficial effects of the body treatments and to extend the time duration of the cabin treatment. Dermofibra®Nutritive Q10 represents the state of the art of the most innovative cosmetotextile technologies.

It is a latest generation yarn, patented by BeGood, which uses the benefits from the effects of the bio-infrared rays and minerals and coenzyme Q10 all at the same time. A true beauty booster.

The perfect combination
of the functional leggings and of the supplement

The In&Out BeGood Method box contains everything that is required for a complete 1 month treatment (two treatments per week for 4 weeks):

in&out pack
  • A pair of white leggings in Dermofibra® Q10 with special massaging weave for cabin treatments.
  • A pair of black leggings in Dermofibra® Q10 to be worn under clothing every day to increase the duration of the treatment.
  • Two sleeves in Dermofibra® Q10 (only in the Total Body treatment boxes) for the arms.
  • 30 capsules of Farmaven supplements 100% natural with specific effects to drain liquids and tone tissues.
leggings q10

BeGood: The unique cosmetotextile clothing line registered with Europe’s Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP reference: 2549161)

bellezza sostenibile

Sustainable Beauty

The leggings in Dermofibra®Nutritive Q10 and the In & Out method are studied to be good to the body and to the environment.
The first are made with recycled materials which reduce environmental impact and make the garments environmentally sustainable, easy to recycle at the end of the treatment. The supplements are 100% natural and the In & Out box is made entirely of recycled and recyclable cardboard.