Dermofibra Cosmetics

Our new collection has been developed with our new, innovative, Dermofibra® Cosmetics fabric that combines the action of bio-infrareds with cosmetic active ingredients.

Our body heat activates the organic mineral crystals inside our Dermofibra® yarn and reflect high levels of bio-infrareds that penetrate deeply into the skin layers, facilitating the relaxation of contracted muscles, the drainage of excess liquids and improve microcirculation.

Active substances such as Caffeine, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A and E have been encapsulated in latest generation microspheres that are permanently bounded to our Dermofibra Plus® yarn during the spinning process. The ingredients are gradually released and absorbed into the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The cosmetic effect, intensified by the bio-infrared, facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients with visible results within just 10 days of use.

Dermofibra Cosmetics


Riduzione della circonferenza fianchi-vita-cosce
Aimento fino a +4,4% elasticità cutanea
Aumento fino a +20,3% idratazione cutanea
Grado di soddisfazione 85% riduzione cellulite

Numbers that make a difference.

The numbers speak for themselves. The new Begood® leggings have an exceptional performance. They are the result of extensive research using the latest technologies available in the cosmetotextiles industry. Results are guaranteed by clinical trials conducted by a leading independent institute GLP-certified by the Italian Ministry of Health (CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE - GLP) in collaboration with one of Italy’s most prestigious Universities.

Swiss Engineering - Made in Italy

How does it work?

How does Dermofibra® work?

The first technology uses our Dermofibra® yarn, a special polyester yarn with organic crystals permanently bounded to the yarn, able to carry out a beneficial, cosmetic action for the body.
The special composition of the fiber enables an advanced form of photo-treatment that activates the body heat without the use of any direct source of light; it uses reflected light instead, activated by the body heat. Once stimulated by the heat, the organic crystals in the yarn reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band penetrating deeply into the skin layers, interacting with organic and water molecules.
The effect of bio-infrareds facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles, therefore improving microcirculation and the drainage of excess liquids.

Come funziona la Dermofibra

How does Dermofibra Plus® work?

The second technology uses our special Dermofibra® Plus yarn, composed of a polyamide yarn permanently bounded to latest generation microspheres enriched with active principles such as caffeine, Aloe Vera, vitamins A and E. These active ingredients help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the skin’s elasticity and hydration.
On the surface of these innovative microspheres, thousands of micropores, covered up by special membranes, open up as they feel our body’s natural warmth, and gradually release the active ingredients into the skin. Compared to microcapsules currently in use, that release the active ingredients upon rubbing or movement, these innovative microspheres prevent the waste of the active ingredients as they exclusively activate through the body heat, prolonging the effects the active principles.

Come funziona la Dermofibra Plus

The innovative Dermofibra® Cosmetics fabric is born from the union of our Dermofibra® and Dermofibra® Plus yarns

Dermofibra Cosmetics

Begood® shaping and retaining cosmetotextile products are made with our new innovative Dermofibra® Cosmetics yarn that combines the action of bio-infrareds with cosmetic active ingredients.
They improve skin’s elasticity and hydration and reduce the appearance of cellulite.