BeGood starts every morning with an alarm clock. It continues at your favorite coffee place; then off to do some grocery shopping...

...your yoga session and maybe lunch with your girlfriends. Then some more errands to run. Pick up the kids from school, homework, phone calls. Dinner. Finish homework. Lights out for the kids. Wind-down time in front of the tv.

BeGood products are more than shapewear products: they are beauty-to-wear products created to enhance and maintain the beauty and wellness of your body.

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The search for Bellessere®

Beauty means wellness.
Wellness means beauty.

This is the concept we got our inspiration from, and the reason why we decided to revolutionize old traditional shapewear into a wearable beauty treatment, conjugating style, functionality and wellness for your body.

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Swiss research and 40 years of experience.

HumanWellness started this ambitious project based on the most advanced Swiss research in cosmetic textiles and 40 years of experience in the field of quality yarns and textiles. Today, the brand BeGood has over 600 distributors in Italy and Europe and is proud to be part of a growing global community of women who are passionate about beauty and wellness.