It all started from an idea: to revamp the traditional concept of undergarments, and transform it into a smarter product, beautiful, practical and functional, a real "wearable beauty treatment".


HumanWellness SA was created in 2013; it is part of an Italian textile group with over 40 years of experience in the production of yarns. In light of this experience, we decided to create a line of shapewear garments, completely Made in Italy, using the latest-generation technology and the most innovative yarns, carefully studied, manufactured, and patented by our group. The result is an exclusive line of beauty-to-wear products made with unique, high-quality fabrics.

Human Wellness
Made in Italy

Italian creativity and style combined with the quality and reliability of Swiss research in terms of biotechnology, in order to produce a garment that revolutionizes the traditional shapewear market and focuses on the well-being and beauty of the body.
Every BeGood product is a complement to a healthier lifestyle, to cater to the needs of the modern-day consumer, a more health-oriented consumer, who wants to feel "beautiful and confident" and seeks practical, multi-functional, body care products.