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Share the joy of BeGood, the beauty treatment you can wear. It helps shape your body, keeps your skin moisturized, and enhances its elasticity. When you gift a BeGood card, recipients can pick their favorite products effortlessly.

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What makes BeGood a special gift?

BeGood is the perfect gift for a Woman who loves taking care of herself without sacrificing style.
With BeGood, you gift the quality of yarns, fashionable design, and 100% Italian craftsmanship, combined with Swiss laboratory technology.

Discover the innovative technology of Dermofibra® Cosmetics, of Dermofibra® Hyaluronic and Dermofibra® Q10, unique in the global market.

These products are not just athleisure items but true garments that anticipate the future.

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After purchase and confirmed payment, you'll receive it via email.
The gift card will contain a unique code that can be used in the cart during product ordering.
Yes, of course. The code is valid as long as the card balance is positive.
For example, if there are €9 remaining after the first order, you can use them for subsequent orders. In this case, you will receive a new discount code.
2 years (24 months from the day of payment), but we're confident it will be used much sooner!
Read on Feedaty (certified reviews) what those who have already purchased say.
You have up to 14 days to return the gift card and receive a full refund. The return is valid only if the gift card has not been used.