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Tips on improving leg circulation

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Leg circulation can be influenced by several factors.
Discomfort manifests itself in a variety of symptoms which reduce quality of life, one way or another.

Even though circulatory disorders may affect people from different age groups, overall the highest number of cases are found in those over the age of forty.
The main habits which cause poor circulation are a sedentary lifestyle / a lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

Physical activity is a key factor when it comes to circulation in the legs and the rest of the body.
This is why at least 30 minutes of physical activity is recommended every day.

Luckily there are exercises to suit all tastes and requirements, today we'll give you a few tips for a healthy and very easy leg workout.

Cycling in the air or the bicycle manoeuvre

One of the best exercises for good blood circulation in the legs is circling your legs as though you were pedalling.
This movement requires you to lift and move your legs at the same time, helping blood to return to the heart.
Simply lie down on the floor or on a mat, lean your back up against it properly, with arms behind your neck.
Then, simply lift your legs and pretend to pedal, based on your capacity, in intervals no shorter than 1 minute, with a 30 second rest in between.

Lift and push-up

Lifting and push-up exercises favour leg circulation because they stimulate flow.
They are ideal for preventing and fighting circulatory disorders like varicose veins.
Lie down on the floor on your back, lift your legs up towards the ceiling, try to stretch them out as much as possible and then bend at the knees and stretch them out once more, repeat 20 times, alternating each type of movement.
It's good to know that not only will this exercise improve circulation, it will also strengthen your knees.

Leg split

separare le gambe migliorare la circolazione
This simple movement helps blood to flow from the legs back to the rest of the body and prevents the formation of varicose veins.
Simply spread your legs apart and bring them back together again, while trying to keep your balance so that they never touch the floor.
With this exercise not only you will you achieve previously mentioned results, you'll also work your core; do two or three intervals, with 15 repetitions each.

Flexing the foot
ragazza seduta svolge esercizi per migliorare la circolazione delle gambe

Flexing exercises are always great for improving circulation and strengthening muscles. This is quite a simple exercise, involving the feet only.
Sit on a chair with your heels firmly on the floor and your toes lifted; stay in this position for a few seconds, lower your toes and lift your heels in alternation.
Repeat 20 times for each foot.

A few words on food
In general, daily exercise will help improve leg circulation and health.
However, in order to achieve optimal effects, it should be supported by a healthy diet which helps stimulate circulation. For example: blueberry, ginger, oily fish, walnuts, garlic, peaches and leafy green vegetables.
Ah! Don't forget to steer clear of salt!

What to wear if you have circulatory problems?
Women with a predisposition for venous insufficiency should regularly wear elastic gradual compression stockings or compression leggings like BEGOOD.

The latter are made of a single new yarn called Dermofibra Cosmetics, containing active minerals and latest generation microcapsules with Aloe Vera, Vitamins E & A and caffeine, all highly effective in reducing swelling and heavy legs.
They also prevent the worsening of skin condition and the formation of orange peel skin, because they drain excess liquid.

A true remedy for leg beauty.

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