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ten minute inner thigh workout

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Train with Jill Cooper and BeGood! 

Together, today we're going to try out a new, quick and simple targeted workout for firmer inner thigh muscles.

As usual, these few quick and simple exercises can be done wherever and whenever during the day: in the morning before starting your day, during a break a work or in the evening while you watch the TV.

All you need is 1 chair, 1 cushion (or an object you can use to lean against) and just 10 minutes of your time to complete the entire workout.

So what are you waiting for?
Try and do the exercises in the video right away!

In this video I'm wearing Slimming and hydrating camouflage Capri Sport in Dermofibra Cosmetics

Looking forward to seeing you at the next workout: BeFit, BeTonic, BeGood! ;)