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How many calories do I need to burn a day to lose weight?

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Each time we eat or drink, we ingest a certain amount of calories. This daily calorie intake is what defines our weight the most.  Therefore, if we eat less calories per day or if we burn them off during physical exercise, without a doubt we'll be able to achieve desired weight loss.

First thing's first: it's important to know our required calorie intake. There is a formula which despite being generic, can be useful in providing us with an approximate number. Multiply your current weight in kilograms by 30. For example, if your current weight is 68 kilos and you multiply it by 30 you get 2040, which is the number of calories for your daily recommended amount.

Even if each person needs to burn a certain amount of calories to lose weight, in general a slightly overweight person needs to burn approximately 3500 calories per week (approximately 600 calories per day) to lose 1kg healthily. 

The only thing left to say is that extremely overweight individuals should seek advice from professionals, as simply not eating or non-targeted exercise is not enough.
Biological and physical condition should be assessed by experts, however in the mean time eating healthily and exercising will always be the right decision.

If you want to further boost the benefits of a healthy diet and a targeted workout why not try out BeGood garmentswhich are clinically tested and will help you to effectively tone and firm up critical areas (e.g. waist, hip and thighs), with visible improvements in just 10 days.

Losing 600 calories per day is not an easy task, however there are some exercises which will help you burn more than a simple run. 

burpees exercise with BeGood legging

Burpees are one example: a combination of a squat, push-up and jump in a single exercise. At high intensity, a person who is not used to them can do 5/6 in a row, and if we manage to do 7 burpees in a minute we can burn approximately 10 calories.
The American College of Sports Medicine conducted a study in which it was confirmed that in one single burpee our body burns 1.43 calories.
Seeing as how this exercise works most muscle groups, why don't we help things along with a nice slimming sports outfit?

Swimming  is another excellent form of calorie-burning exercise: when we swim, we tone our arms, legs and tummy and burn approximately 500 calories per hour.
The most calorie-burning swimming stroke is the butterfly.

Last but not least, the famous squat, one of few exercises which continues to burn calories after you have finished doing them.
With squats you can burn approximately 13 calories a minute. Ideally you should do 6-7 intervals of 20 repetitions, with a few seconds of rest between each interval.

Ready to burn off those annoying calories?

I've already started training! 
See you soon!


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