Smart Workout - Tone your legs and inner thigh

Have you always wondered how to exercise your inner thigh?
Then this workout is for you!

This is a specific workout designed to quickly and effectively tone and firm your leg muscles and in particular your inner thigh.

As was the case for previous workouts, we are going to carry out a mini-cycle consisting of three short, simple exercises: an ‘assisted’ squat with the help of a chair, an exercise for adductors using a cushion (though any object that offers ‘resistance’ will do) and finally an exercise with legs stretched out, also with the help of a cushion.

We will repeat this for three cycles, resting for a few moments between one exercise and the next, and between the end of one cycle and the start of the next. All this only takes around 10 minutes.

As you will have realised, this is a workout that you can do anywhere, even at home and in confined areas, and especially at any time of day: before you start the day in the morning, during a break from your daily activities, or even in the evening while watching television.

So what are you waiting for?
You should try to follow the exercises in the video too!

And remember that it is very important to exercise and keep fit during the day, especially in these days when we are not allowed to leave the house.

Every occasion is a good opportunity to maintain a good level of fitness and to do exercises, even while you are doing other activities.