Smart Workout - Tone your arms

Hey, are you wondering how to spend your free time these days?
My advice is to make the most of some of this time at home by training and getting back in shape with me, Jill Cooper!

Remember, you can work out at any time of day based on your daily activities and commitments: the important thing is to make time to do the exercises.

Today we will focus on exercises to train arm muscles and to reduce the unpleasant saggy look that often afflicts women, developing firmer, more toned muscles.

Our workout consists of a mini-cycle of three simple exercises, which we will repeat 3 times, for a total duration of about 10 minutes.
That’s right, it doesn’t take much to stay in shape: as I mentioned earlier, the secret is training constantly, every day.

Before starting the exercises in this workout, you need to get 1 chair and 1 elastic strap (some tights that you no longer use will do).
As you will have gathered, this workout does not require any particular effort and you can even do it in confined areas. If you do this regularly you will develop more toned triceps and more aesthetically attractive arms.

Right, now we’re ready to start.
Follow the exercises in the video and go for it!

Enjoy your workout!

See you at the next session together: BeFit, BeTonic, BeGood! ;)