Smart Workout – Glutes home workout

Have you always wanted to burn fat and achieve toned glutes?
If the answer is yes, follow my tips for today's training session!

For today's workout I've decided to focus on few vintage exercises which are highly effective in helping us to reach our goal: working on our legs and glutes, for more toned muscles.

Let's start with what you'll need for these exercises: 1 elastic band (a stocking or any similar elastic item will do), 1 stable chair (stability is the key here so if in doubt, use the sofa) and 1 mat/ small towel, although not compulsory.

Remember, you can organise your workouts around your daily commitments, just set aside enough time to do the exercises.

Let's take a look at the exercises in this training circuit:

  1.  Place your foot on the chair with your leg bent at approximately 90°; stand on the chair, hold onto it with your hands to stop yourself from falling over and try to push down with your heel (so as to avoid pushing with your leg on the ground as much as possible); then go back to the start position and repeat the exercise 10 times with your right leg and 10 times with your left leg;

  2. Sit on the chair and tie the elastic band around your thighs, tight enough so that you feel a good level of resistance (although less is more at the beginning); get on your tip toes, straighten your chest and push out with your thighs for two seconds then relax; repeat 10 times;

  3. Glutes bridge: lie down on the floor or on a mat, place your heels on the chair, bend your legs and lift your glutes up for a couple of seconds and return to your starting position, repeat 10 times (to vary this last exercise try leaning just one leg against the chair and holding the other one up in the air, or position them both and hold your glutes up isometrically).

Repeat all this for 3 series, for about 15 minutes in total.
You can regulate the duration and intensity of your training session according to how tired you feel as you do the exercises: if you feel over-challenged, reduce the number of repetitions and if it's too easy, increase the number.

Before starting this workout my advice is that you warm up in a fluid session to prepare your muscles as best as possible for physical exertion and to prevent any pain and discomfort.

Right, now we’re ready to start.
Do the exercises with me, put some back into it! (video in italian)

See you at the next session together: BeFit, BeTonic, BeGood! ;)