Smart Workout - Exercising at home: fluid total body

At home and don’t know how to spend your free time?
I’ve got the perfect solution for you: work out with me, Jill Cooper, and BeGood!

We always look for the positive side of the situations that we are faced with.

What can we do?
We can use these days at home to really detoxify: we can take the time we have available to recover from the frenzy of everyday life, to spend more time with our family and even to exercise and feel good about our body.

Today we are going to see a Fluid free-body workout together!

What does that involve?
A fluid workout is a mix of movements performed seamlessly – hence “Fluid” – with your whole body, only using the body itself, without any special equipment.
This type of training is ideal for toning, stretching and strengthening our body muscles. It is also an excellent warm-up because it involves a series of exercises that you perform continuously with your whole body.

Don’t worry, this fluid total body workout won’t take you too long: you’ll only need 10 minutes to tone your whole body and make it more flexible.

A word of advice!
If you want to get an even better result from this training, you can accompany the exercises with gentle music for a complete, rejuvenating wellness experience.

Now, let’s get moving!
Follow the exercises with me in the video.

See you at the next session!
And make sure you do what I’m doing: #STAYATHOME!