BeGood: Smart Clothing at Home

Staying comfortable in smart clothes: how to spend all day at home enjoying the well-being of cosmetotextile technology, while maintaining healthy routines

The message is clear: we have to stay at home and this situation will last for a while. Given this state of affairs, it is up to each individual to decide how to spend their days. And no, you can’t stay in your pyjamas all day: you need to maintain, as much as possible healthy routines that can help you feel good.

Technology can help right now, not only when it comes to entertainment and social networks. Indeed, smart fabrics can improve both the appearance of your skin and your whole figure.

BeGood, a brand that has combined Italian textile expertise with Swiss technology, has created various lines of clothing and accessories in this field so that you can enjoy the well-being of its garments all the time. This is all thanks to Dermofibra Cosmetics, the internationally patented secret behind BeGood which, thanks to inorganic compounds (silicon, magnesium, titanium and zinc) and active ingredients (vitamins A and E, caffeine and aloe vera), which are naturally activated by body heat, improve skin texture, stimulating microcirculation and consequently increasing drainage of excess fluids, while nourishing and moisturising skin.

Remember to set your alarm clock: we’re not on holiday!

During the first few days you might have fallen into the trap that, since you don’t have to waste time commuting, you can sleep in a little longer. However, you need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle as much as possible and, since you finally have some extra time that you can use to do something that you couldn’t do previously in the morning, now is the moment to put it to good use.

doccia e relax a casa con BeGood

You can treat yourself to a few more minutes of sleep but then, as soon as your alarm clock goes off, you should take off your pyjamas, enjoy a warm, soothing shower and get ready to face the day. After showering and putting on some creams to help your skin remain elastic and soft to the touch, you can choose whether or not to wear make-up depending on your mood: you have to continue feeling beautiful so if a little make-up helps, then why not put it on?
Next, do some exercises on an empty stomach, such as some yoga to awaken the body and start the day in the right mood. You can do this while simply wearing leggings and a suitable T-shirt that allows your body to move into every position.
Esercizio Yoga a casa con BeGood

The BeGood yoga line was created to facilitate this aspect and, thanks to the technology behind its yarn, it moisturises and revitalises the skin while reducing the ‘orange peel’ effect.

After your workout, you can tuck into a good breakfast with green tea, lots of fruit and a tasty pot of Greek yoghurt. Ensure that you follow a balanced, low-calorie diet: now that you no longer have the temptation of your favourite Asian restaurant, it will be even easier to stay in shape. Now that the first part of the morning is over, it is time for remote working!

Tips for optimal remote working by wearing smart clothes

Remote working may seem like a better solution than working in an office. However, you need to have a comfortable and ergonomic chair that helps your back to remain straight, while maintaining a balanced posture that prevents future problems.

This is when BeGood vests and leggings can help you thanks to their tight, yet soft fit.

After finding a comfortable chair and putting on smart clothes, you should preferably work in a room with a lot of natural light to ensure that you do not cause problems for your sight and that you are clearly visible when you have to make video calls with your colleagues. Before you start working, remember to tidy the room where you plan to spend the day remote working: when you have things physically in order, your mind will be clearer and you will be more productive.

Pausa Smart Working a Casa

It is occasionally good to switch off from work in order to maintain concentration, using these moments to think about something entirely different: spend a few minutes on social networks, loading the dishwasher, studying the ingredients of the next recipe, or browsing online shopping sites.

Spending some time not thinking about work improves your performance, which is why, especially since you are working from home, you should learn to set aside a few moments, perhaps by setting a timer every hour and a half that reminds you to get up from your desk, stretch your legs and maybe enjoy a tasty, energy-boosting snack.

After work: workout, dinner and a little relaxation

At the end of the working day, you don’t have to lose the healthy habits that you have built into your routine, but if you can’t go to the gym, you can always exercise at home. Don’t worry about equipment: you can also stay fit by simply using your body weight.

Allenamento a corpo libero a casa con Jill Cooper

BeGood has created a Dermofibra Cosmetics outfit that is perfect for a home workout and, by following Jill Cooper's videos on our blog, you can exercise and stay fit in a fun, effective way.
Then, after another invigorating shower and a light dinner, you can start to relax.

You may choose to watch a film or TV series, or even to chat with some friends via one of the many video conferencing platforms that have become so popular in recent days, but here are some alternatives that you may not have thought of: listen to background music, read a magazine or look back at old photos, take up a former hobby such as painting, découpage or writing, or simply enjoy a beauty treatment that does not require technology.

Relax e Hobby a casa con BeGood

Finally, go to bed early, wearing pyjamas that maximise all the benefits that your skin has received, such as those created by BeGood, which allow you to carry on feeling good even while you sleep. In the evening in particular you should avoid using screens and lights from smartphones and tablets at least an hour before going to sleep, since light from these devices could ruin your sleep and, given that you will be staying at home for a while, you need to sleep well, perhaps combining sleep with a herbal tea.