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Maximize the benefits of exercise with smart fabrics

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Want to boost your workout effort? Then wear smart fabrics that can help you improve the appearance of your skin and cellulite imperfections. And that is not all.

In order to achieve your goal of well-being more quickly and with less effort, you can rely on several good allies.

For years I have been a huge fan of FIR technology, which works exclusively in contact with the body and is 100% natural.

FIR stands for “Far Infrared Ray”. These rays consist of a solar spectrum that captures the thermal radiation emitted by our body and then transforms it into energy for our body to benefit cells and tissues.

Infrared not only helps the body to cleanse itself, but also improves subcutaneous blood flow, stimulating the release of fat from adipocytes and helping to drain excess fluids.

When you start wearing a fibre that produces FIR, the first benefit will be quite evident: after around ninety minutes, you will already feel the need to very frequently go to the bathroom. It will then stabilize, but the draining effect is immediate, almost instant.

FIR also helps to stimulate the fibroblasts’ collagen production, improving the appearance and feel of the skin every time it comes into contact with the fabric.

And these feelings are not only apparent to the eye and touch, but are also supported by scientific evidence.
A study conducted by the University of Pavia on more than forty volunteers and a double-blind study demonstrated that the use of this technology not only helps to improve microcirculation, but also reduces the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.
miglioramento visibile dell'aspetto della pellebenefici sull'elasticità della pelle

benefits on skin hydration

It is a genuine beauty treatment to wear at any time of day: while we enjoy life, this technology works for us, draining tissues and reshaping curves.

So why are you waiting to make them your second skin?
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