The All New
Wearable Beauty Treatment

Wearable Beauty Treatment

Taking care of your body has never been easier

Each Begood product has been created to make our lives even more beautiful, easier and relaxed.
Switzerland’s most advanced research on cosmetotextiles combined with Italy’s finest creativity and craftsmanship give has given birth to a range of smart and functional shapewear garments.

The unique features of our Dermofibra® Cosmetics yarn allow us to make products that can contribute to your physical balance and well-being.


Wearable Beauty Treatment

Begood® presents its new Dermofibra® Cosmetics shapewear line.
The future of functional cosmetotextiles is here.

A real beauty treatment: you can see immediately the shaping, hydrating and well-elasticised skin effect when you wear our Begood® legging.
The regular use of Begood® Dermofibra Cosmetics products can help you achieve extraordinary results: reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve your skin’s elasticity and hydration.