A movement is said to be functional when it mirrors the gestures of everyday life, natural movements performed thanks to the synergistic contraction of several muscular groups.

Functional exercises are characterised by global movements that exploit kinetic chains, involving several joints; they simulate or are identical to the structure of common, everyday gestures or competition moves, stimulating proprioception, body control and core activity.

The aim of this training program is to develop a beautiful, harmonious and strong body through exercises that stimulate the basic functions it was originally designed for; for this reason, paths are developed that bring us as close as possible to what our human body does by nature. Being functional means being strong, coordinated, flexible and agile.

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Training video lessons
with Carol Enrico

Functional Training Lesson 1
Functional Training Lesson 2
Functional Training Lesson 3
Functional Training Lesson 4
Functional Training Lesson 5
Functional Training Lesson 6
Functional Training Lesson 7
Functional Training Lesson 8
Functional Training Lesson 9

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BootyBarre is a functional training discipline inspired by dance and which works the entire body, resulting in numerous benefits. Muscles work but at the same time they are "lengthened", resulting in an extremely harmonious, muscular and feminine body. The aim is to tone and sculpt the body, legs, glutes and abdomen in particular.

Booty Barre Lesson 1
Booty Barre Lesson 2
Booty Barre Lesson 3
Booty Barre Lesson 4
Booty Barre Lesson 5
Booty Barre Lesson 6
Booty Barre Lesson 7
Booty Barre Lesson 8
Booty Barre Lesson 9