Women’s Sport Outfit: Racerback tank top + Camouflage leggings

The sporty outfit with a tank top and slimming leggings

The women’s sport outfit with a racerback tank top and camouflage leggings is designed for those who enjoy fitness, yoga or running.

Both the racerback tank top and the camouflage leggings are made of Dermofibra® Cosmetics fabric, which stimulates microcirculation, hydrates the skin and tones the figure while you wear it.

The leggings also have a double waist belt for an even more incisive shaping effect on the waist, a side logo and a modern, striking pattern.

They increase the benefits of your workouts. Try BeGood’s “Bellessere®”.

127,00 €

107,95 €

circumference reduction and hydration microcirculation and quality fabric clinically tested uv protection
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