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Women’s Sport Outfit: Double-face top + Python leggings

Women’s Sport Outfit: Double-face top + Python leggings

2-in-1 Outfit for a woman who loves sport

This women’s sport outfit consists of a double-face top and python leggings to give you two styles to choose from every day.

The black-grey double-face top has a racerback and supports the breast, while the python legging with a double band has a honeycomb texture that guarantees a matt opaque effect and greater breathability. Made of Dermofibra® Cosmetics, the top + leggings offer a hydrating and toning effect, supporting muscle groups without constricting your body.

Try “Bellessere®” while you do sport. Try the BeGood outfits.

Women’s Sport Outfit: Double-face top + Python leggings

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Why BeGood
is better.

Only with BeGood (unique in the world), inorganic compounds and active ingredients are contained inside the yarn.
A unique and revolutionary yarn with dual FIR technology + active ingredients is the basis for this veritable innovation which has enabled us to patent Dermofibra Cosmetics.

Other brands' yarns only contain inorganic crystals or their garments successively undergo a (surface) treatment to add active ingredients. This obsolete technology does not last for more than 4/5 washes, or simply fades away with normal, everyday use.

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