Dermofibra Cristalli organici

The Dermofibra® collection guarantees outstanding results thanks to the action of bio-infrareds.

Our body heat activates the organic mineral crystals inside our Dermofibra® yarn and reflect high levels of bio-infrareds that penetrate deeply into the skin layers, facilitating the relaxation of contracted muscles, the drainage of excess liquids and improve microcirculation.



Riduzione della circonferenza fianchi-vita-cosce
Riduzione degli inestetismi della cellulite
Miglioramento del microcircuito cutaneo
Riduzione fino a -10,8% spessore grasso sottocutaneo

Numbers that make a difference

The numbers speak for themselves. The new Begood® leggings have an exceptional performance. They are the result of extensive research using the latest technologies available in the cosmetotextiles industry. Results are guaranteed by clinical trials conducted by a leading independent institute GLP-certified by the Italian Ministry of Health (CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE - GLP) in collaboration with one of Italy’s most prestigious Universities.

Swiss Engineering - Made in Italy

How does it work?

How does Dermofibra® work?

Our Dermofibra® polyester yarn, permanently bounded to organic crystals, is able to carry out a beneficial, cosmetic action for the body. The special composition of the fiber enables an advanced form of photo-treatment that activates the body heat without the use of any direct source of light; it uses reflected light instead, activated by the body heat.
Once stimulated by the heat, the organic crystals in the yarn reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band penetrating deeply into the skin layers, interacting with organic and water molecules.
The effect of bio-infrareds facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles, improving microcirculation and the drainage of excess liquids.

Come funziona la Dermofibra